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La Lune Noire Promofoto

We welcome you to the Official Website of La Lune Noire, the Dutch New Wave / Electro band, located in Dordrecht, The Netherlands.. 

Its music is powerful, yet intimate. Wistful, danceable, catchy synth lines, Gregorian choirs, punky guitars, haunting arps and lyrics that really have something to say. All these things are echoes from the 80’s that can be found back within the music of La Lune Noire.

Inspired by the likes of Gary Numan, Front 242, Killing Joke, Depeche Mode and early Simple Minds, La Lune Noire reminds you to the new wave era, but have created an authentic and modern sound of their own. 


Press Kit Echoland |

Within this zipfile you will find the 2014 promophoto and the cover of our latest album "Echoland" for publication alongside the pressrelease.

Press Kit Echoland

Videoclip | Nothing to Fear (Echoland)

Buy our CDs & Merchandise |

CD DictatorCD EcholandCD ExsterCD Nitrogen


Here is another excellent review on our new album Dictator ! For Dark Entries, written by Danny Quetin. (in Dutch, but I'm sure you can copy/paste in google translate) :-) http://www.darkentries.be/nl/recensies/la-lune-noire-dictator/?fbclid=IwAR3c276j8pEO0muejzsNl5ZgsHOCkkvzp65gET0CJD8VNlR4WmN5t-r5SCk

Dictator and Echoland are also available on POPoNAUT ! http://www.poponaut.de/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=la+lune+noire&&x=0&y=0

Check out this interview (in Dutch) for Luminous Dash magazine and please, like this page as well, to keep up with new info on LLN and other great bands !

We also receive fantastic support by De Dag des Oordeels Radio show ! Fake News on their latest show ! Also check out their previous podcast nr. 236 with 2 songs and an excellent review on our new album !!! Thank you Danny Quetin ! https://www.mixcloud.com/DeDagDesOordeels/de-dag-des-oordeels-237/?fbclid=IwAR29G427gV8dBg3pE9I6MwwdkD8Gyn-TGhJ542cSiMkjsaXSAvYbHHZujzQ

Excellent review by Didier Becu of Luminous Dash magazine on the new album Dictator ! (in Dutch) https://www.luminousdash.com/portfolio-items/la-lune-noire-dictator-svinx-records/?fbclid=IwAR0eqx4D5mTnjUb0QM6gtEsmLpIpR56zEYzUyB0wkoNgoQYprLlckoFD2I4 Also great news is that the song Wired to the screen will be in the playlist of @The Johnny Normal synthetic sunday readio show ! Listen here : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1749653465275989/

Great live footage of our gig at the Brigant, Arnhem of October the 5th ! Setlist : 0:00 Wired to the screen 5:19 Fake News 10:55 Hate 15:32 The Chosen One 19:55 Shots Are Fired 25:00 Nudes 29:40 Lust https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ill-PSr-n8

Up next : Duisburg (D) with our friends of Wave Invasion @ Platzhirsch Festival 2018 !

All photo's by Arno Klos. Great serie of photo's that really catched the atmosphere of the evening. Thanks Arno ! (including our friend TENEDLE)

OUT NOW !!! Yes, the album will be LATER on Spotify, BUT ONLY 5 OUT OF 10 SONGS ! Please support us by buying the hard copy album, Spotify etc. is nice for you, but not really for bands like us. :-) Albums can be ordered through our website www.lalunenoire.nl or www.poponaut.de

Thanks everyone for a fantastic evening yesterday ! Also a BIG thanks to our friend TENEDLE and the Popcentrale, who made it possible. Hope to see you all again soon ! <3

Digital Distribution |

You can find our albums in these internet-stores and services:

iTunesSpotifyGoogle PlayBandcampXBOX MusicSony MusicSimFyShazamRhapsodyNokiaMuveBeats MedianetJB Hi-FiiHeartRadioGraceNoteDeezerBloomAmazon MP#Slackerrdio

Transportation sponsored by |

Although there’s only two of us when performing on stage, we take lot’s of instruments and equipment with us. To much for our own little personal movers. Albert’s Autobedrijf is so kind to equip us with a small van.

Albert’s Autobedrijf

If you ever need a new or used car or service, go to:

Albert’s Autobedrijf
Hendrikstraat 3-5

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MDJ Photography

Wall of fame |

In this little Hall of Fame we honour the models in our videoclips: