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La Lune Noire Promofoto

We welcome you to the Official Website of La Lune Noire, the Dutch New Wave / Electro band, located in Dordrecht, The Netherlands.. 

Its music is powerful, yet intimate. Wistful, danceable, catchy synth lines, Gregorian choirs, punky guitars, haunting arps and lyrics that really have something to say. All these things are echoes from the 80’s that can be found back within the music of La Lune Noire.

Inspired by the likes of Gary Numan, Front 242, Killing Joke, Depeche Mode and early Simple Minds, La Lune Noire reminds you to the new wave era, but have created an authentic and modern sound of their own. 


Press Kit Echoland |

Within this zipfile you will find the 2014 promophoto and the cover of our latest album "Echoland" for publication alongside the pressrelease.

Press Kit Echoland

Videoclip | Nothing to Fear (Echoland)

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It's 10 years ago we filmed this clip on Elfia. Come and say hi on this edition next week Saturday the 13th ! We dusted of this version will play it on our gig at the MysteriA Fantasy-Fair 2019, the 4th of May in Aarschot (B) !!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3GQbR-cgvU

So nice to be heard on the radio, right next to Gary Numan ! :-)


One of the best reviews we had after a gig, is this one by Nel Mertens of Luminous Dash !!! Thank you ! <3 https://luminousdash.com/portfolio-items/la-lune-noire-tenedle-eernegem-club-b52-19-1-2019/?fbclid=IwAR1oNwG4N4gF1qHOPS6RTfD0ljb8M6TzogIEIA1oqFpE1T7I1x4NMfPCx1s


Vanavond !!! Eerste optreden in België sinds W Festival 2017 samen met onze vriend TENEDLE (kom op tijd, want je wil zijn gig niet missen) ! Ik heb er dan ook zo'n zin in. Hopelijk herken ik nog veel van mijn Belgische FB vrienden en vriendinnen, niet echt mijn sterkste kant :-) Kom je na afloop een praatje maken ? <3

La Lune Noire has a show on 2019-01-19 at 20:00 @ B52 club in Ichtegem, BE https://www.reverbnation.com/q/7echv8

In Luminous Dash ! https://luminousdash.com/concerttip-la-lune-noire-tenedle/?fbclid=IwAR3mrMIyvKE3uhvTl1Okv7Yzw9dTYJWjfwVEpiLyhWQeQwofo7KBljE9BxY

Allready working hard for our show at MysteriA Fantasy-Fair 2019. We have to play songs like Steampunk, Here come the Elves and Blow a Kiss. So, time to adapt them to our style and sound of 2019 (some songs are more then 10 years old. In my opinion, we only got better, so let's update these songs !). But first next week 19/1, we play at B52 music club. Looking so much forward to this !!!

Posted a new song: "Wired to the screen" https://www.reverbnation.com/q/7e75q8

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Transportation sponsored by |

Although there’s only two of us when performing on stage, we take lot’s of instruments and equipment with us. To much for our own little personal movers. Albert’s Autobedrijf is so kind to equip us with a small van.

Albert’s Autobedrijf

If you ever need a new or used car or service, go to:

Albert’s Autobedrijf
Hendrikstraat 3-5

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MDJ Photography

Wall of fame |

In this little Hall of Fame we honour the models in our videoclips: